Ungava Bottle
Puffer - Jacket

Having a distinctly Canadian taste and identity, Ungava Gin is a Quebecois treat to any that encounter it. This Canadian identity makes use of not only the botanicals that they add to their product, but also of the personal identity of their Canadian environment. This shows, not only in how the product and brand present themselves to the world but the elements that are used to accomplish this interaction.

The Brief

Crafting of first impressions is, by no means an easy task. This added to the already visually saturated environment of a liquor store and the visually commanding might become a mild suggestion. The necessity of an impactful visual and a lasting memory are in the forefront of the goals of any brand, but particularly one competing in the liquor industry.

Our Solution

As far as introductions and noticeability, an organic interest for the product is the best type of notoriety a brand can have. This led the team to develop a playful addition to the brand’s bottles that would induce interest and notoriety within the intended sphere of consumers. The Puffer-jacket is a common sight in the northern parts of Quebec and while obviously not bounded to being strictly Canadian it is apropos of the environment that the brand has made part of its essence.






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