St. Germain
Maison Display

With its quintessential French heritage and Belle Époque inspired bottle, St. Germain liqueur is a striking product. Since 2007  St. Germain has made a tremendous entrance to the world of liqueurs. Winning a number of awards and countless acolytes St. Germain is and will be as influential as its namesake was to la Belle Époque.

The Brief

St. Germain was in need of creating a portable and reusable space that transported the audience to la Belle Époque. In essence, creating a pop-up Maison. With a limited budget per item, due to the quantity of spaces that needed to be intervened. We needed to create an easily assembled and transported scene that in turn transported people to a different moment in time.

Our Solution

St Germain and its design/identity lends itself to creating elegant and timeless products. This also translates to being a perfect point from which base the foundation of our work. Starting with the idea of a Maison, we created a backdrop juxtaposing the rustic scene of wooden slats and the natural feel of elder flowers. With additional elements reminiscent of a Parisian café, we accomplished setting a scene that encapsulated the joie de vivre of both St. Germain and its culture of excellence.


St. Germain




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