Grey Goose
Enamel Pins

Always aiming for perfection and top quality has been the Grey Goose way since its start. Single-origin ingredients and natural processes have made a statement into a way of life. This has and will always show itself in the products that Grey Goose puts out, be it in their spirits or any accessories associated with the brand.

The Brief

Whenever a brand needs to create an accessory and needs the quality to be top-notch is when we can shine. The brief for these pins was to create the best quality accessories that could embody the creative and pure spirit of the brand. Having certain elements be reflected in the design would help people instantly recognize and associate the visuals with the brand.

Our Solution

The pins that we designed are a combination of the clean aesthetic that is ever-present throughout the implementations of Grey Goose, and a constant playfulness and joy that can be grasped from the spirit of the Grey Goose brand. These Pins are enameled metal and as such a durable and practical way to demonstrate brand loyalty and association amongst the target audience. Their design makes use of the visual contrast and vibrancy that the brand’s elements can provide and juxtaposing them with everyday life elements taken from mixed drinks and barware.


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