Budweiser Promotional Card Game

Since 1876 the Budweiser name has been seen everywhere and known for its particular brand identity. They are perhaps one of the biggest names in their circles. The industry of beer is and has always been a competitive world, and Budweiser has been able to differentiate itself and create a global image consistent with one of the giants of the industry.

The Brief

Having the weight of their name atop their shoulders, Budweiser needed something new and elegant in order to ensure satisfaction with their customers. This meant a brief tailor made to add a factor of innovation to the finished product. As such the basis of the project was to create this flavor of innovation within the parameters of an extremely recognizable, and as such not entirely flexible brand structure and identity.

Our Solution

Creating a tangible object is a considerable endeavour. Non the less, we decided that an interaction would be the most impactful way of inducing brand recognition and loyalty within the targeted sector. As such, a dynamic collection of objects designed to be of use in a particular context was the most effective way of achieving our goal. A promotional bridge set was determined to be a cost-effective way of inducing this interactive connection with the brand and therefore every element of the kit was selected and customized to ensure the best quality of materials would lead to the best results.




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